General Information

Tonga is a beautiful island state in the South Pacific and is characterized by two important highlights. First, this South Pacific paradise is located almost on the international date line and second, Tonga is the nursery for humpback whales par excellence. The kingdom of Tonga consists of a total of 172 islands in the Pacific. The archipelago captivates with beautiful sandy beaches and light blue water.

During the whale season very pleasant temperatures prevail on these islands. During the day, the thermometer reaches about 28 degrees, at night it gets a little cooler. The temperature in the waters around the island reaches about 23 degrees. A thin westsuit will keep the body warm at all times.

Our accommodation is located in the capital city of Nuku’alofa on the main island Tongatapu. We live close to the harbour and the oceanfront. The international airport is only 20 kilometers away from the capital. Therefore, no domestic flight to Vava’u is necessary.

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Whales in Tonga

Tonga is probably the world’s best-known wintering area for humpback whales and swimming with whales. Thousands of them migrate from Antarctica to the South Pacific during the southern winter. In the shallow, protected waters around the Tongan islands, the females find ideal conditions to bear their calves and mate with males. The first animals arrive in June. The high season is around the beginning of August to mid-October. In mid-November the last animals move south again to feed in Antarctica. Therefore, we meet many mothers with their calves. The young are very playful and curious, which regularly causes them to swim past us just a few meters away to take a look. In addition to the mothers with their calves, there are also many males in the area who are willing to mate. With a little luck we will witness a so-called “heat run” in which up to ten males chase a female – an incredibly impressive spectacle!

We also meet dolphins (spinners and bottlenose dolphins) from time to time. The playful animals often stay near the humpback whales. In addition, there are frequent sightings of impressive hunters, false killer whales.

For the search for the animals on the ocean Moby Dick Tours uses a good motorboat, which makes getting in and out of the water very easy. Drinks, snacks and lunch are served on the trips. Tonga is a very popular destination to swim with whales, which results in a number of boats on the water. We always aim to find whales, which have not been discovered by others yet. This enables fantastic encounters.

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During our time together in Tonga we stay in a modern Hotel in the capital Nuku’alofa. The marina of the island is just around the corner. We also use this marina for our trips to the whales. Within walking distance, you will also find various restaurants and bars. The hotel impresses with good food and, as usual for Tonga, a very friendly service. At the hotel’s own bar we often end the day with a fresh cocktail. The spacious rooms are very stylish and only a few meters away from the blazing ocean.

Breakfast is served in the hotel’s own restaurant. There is a rich buffet with many fruits from the region, but also continental European dishes. During some evenings we will also explore the menu of other restaurants in the capital Nuku’alofa to get to know the whole range of culinary offers. The menus offer something for everyone: from local cuisine to western dishes, to excellent fish.

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Other Activities

In order to give you a varied break from the boat, we will explore the capital in one day during an exciting trip. There are some highlights: Captain Cook’s landing site, deep and wide caves with subterranean lakes, impressive blowholes – where seawater is blown through a natural cave system – or local markets with a great variety of fruits and local crafts and crafts even more.

But otherwise there is never a lack of activities: snorkeling, paddle boarding or just lying in the sun – a successful addition to the hours in the water and on the boat.

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